lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2009

new moon

creations: thoughts

Not wise to put in this section if you decided to put some thoughts because believe it or not sometimes think. Sometimes I feel like nose that continue to exist if everything in life is suffering, the human being strives to find something that you can find [happiness] only for small moments, that what we really are looking for does not come for nothing is to always believe everything is finished and that strive to find things not very useful because sometimes you have to let things happen for themselves and not pushing and not look so things are more valuable to us, and we commitment to seek out and suffer when they do not get them, life is full of frustrations and humans will have to learn to live with them because most of the events that we experience throughout our lives are the same. So I think sometimes I try to live a life a little more relaxed, not making such a big wave of things, always have a problem but that is normal in the life of everyone, sometimes I think of white and inadvertently parked again the deceos to leave everything behind. And I do not remember anything of what happened I think death would be one of the best options and I think I gave up and do not want to fight what they can not find, a search that often leaves worse than it was , so maybe I ignore all this once and leave it all behind. bye... U.U :'(


toccata Friday 02 October at 18:00 hrs toccata in the hope that will give the national group inestable :) :/ :( the work done and will be released as input unstable thinks of his fans and the crisi we're going through these days :D. Also speaking will be former band of francisco gonzales ex lucybell .
good guys or girls to go hope to see the hope: D =^.^= I leave here the link of the fans photoblog unstable club to get in touch if they want to attend the wait.

bye :) :/ :(

sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2009

Learn something about English

present simple :This simple, also called the indicative tense is the simplest of English. Is often used to talk about facts that are habits or customs
It forms the basis of the verb form of the infinitive. The infinitive consists of two particles to
and the base form of verb

The only difficulty you write, as usual, in the 3rd person singular, in fact, this 3rd person is special when conjugate verbs. As a general rule is added to s, although we will see that there are some exceptions.
Use of this simple

This tense is used to express facts or general truths.
We also use the present simple to talk about habits in this case, prayer frequency expressions usually appear as usually or always.
Also use it to express horarior or programs
Spelling rules for the 3rd person singular

As a rule, the verb form of the 3rd person singular is added to s, however, there are a few rules for a series of verbal forms that are special:

1 .- When the verb already ends in s, or a similar sound as sh, ch or x:

watch -> watches dash -> dash

2 .- When the verb ends in or is also added:

go -> goes do -> does

3 .- When the verb ends in y, since it precedes a consonant, we have to change the y to i to add is below:

fly -> flies study -> studies

Note that these are the same spelling rules that apply to form the plural.

The Simple Present tense

Negative form

The structure of the negative structure is formed by adding the auxiliaries do or does plus the negation not

Do + not —> don’t
Does + not —> doesn’t

These auxiliaries are used TO HELP you. When you use the auxiliary the verb is always in its simple.

In positive we had 2 conjugations for every verb (not to be)
- play/plays , work/works, study/studies, watch/watches, etc…

The conjugation is simple: HE / SHE / IT —- with the “s” form and I / WE / YOU / THEY —- simple form

My brother works for IBM.
My parents live in Paris.


He / she / it + doesn’t + verb (simple form)
I / We / You / They + don’t + verb (simple form)

martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009


hello guys:D

Today I want to leave this flayer of ETERNA INCONCIENCIA :D

national band which will be presenting on

Saturday, 3 October in the neighborhood bucharest club

sweden to $ 4000 here in Metro Los Leones 2 blocks from the portal lyon

but graphics are only 500 entries :(

martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

News: New studio album from My Chemical Romance ^8^

This was anticipated Gerard Way and the other members. This is the fourth plate and the band is "the most pure and distilled version of My Chemical Romance," the singer said.

With Gerard Way always in charge, My Chemical Romance is concentrated in the middle of recording their new motherboard, the disk has been recording in Los Angeles.

In a Los Angeles studio with producer and "maker of hits" Brendan O'Brien behind the console, My Chem is recording the songs that will give body to his fourth studio album.

Since May last year, began the phase composition of the new songs, culminating after the world tour of her millionaire album "The Black Parade".

Even in early 2009 anticipated some details of this fourth production. Way, the new material defined as "the most pure and distilled version of My Chemical Romance. The focus is on melody and composition.

On the departure date will be his new job, which will be slid in October. "The next album will have that creative spark, where anything can happen in a three-minute song and a half," said Ray Toro, guitarist of the boys with chemical romance.

movies and dvd`s

is the links to download My Chemical Romance DVD Life on the Murder Scene greetings and xauz